• Loans are subject to status and affordability.
  • The rates and fees you pay depend on your credit profile and lender.
  • Esther does not guarantee that Lenders will be matched with Borrowers accepting a loan at the desired interest rate or loan conditions being offered by the Lenders.
  • Esther facilitates Lenders’ investments in a non-exclusive manner, meaning that investments may be disbursed to multiple Borrowers.
  • Past returns are not necessarily a guide to future returns. Any un-repaid capital is at risk of arrears or default.
  • Esther’s legal team may assist with the recovery of any loan amount which is in arrears or default at the expense of the Lender.
  • Data collected through the use of this website will be utilized, processed and stored in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, Proceeds of Crime Act, Terrorism Prevention Act or any other laws governing the jurisdiction of Jamaica.


Esther Finance Limited is smart, contract-enabled platform service built to facilitate end-to-end business peer-to-peer financial contracting and transactions. We are committed to serving our clients with seamless business financing solutions through our model Eve. Here at Esther take a modern approach to your business needs, where it is secure, smart and easy.

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