Our Services

Here at Esther Finance Limited we engage in “Humanizing business financing for better outcomes” through our services which include:

Expense management via our Corporate Expense Management Pre-Paid Card

An expense management pre-paid card is a debit card giving you control over the business expenses of your employees with ease and security. Say goodbye to overspending when you use this visa debit card, which allows for the ease of budgeting, spending and tracking your employees expenses monthly. When applying, you choose how many cards you receive for your team members, eliminating delays and providing freedom, yet control, of the business’ monthly expenses.

Why should you get our expense management card?

  1. They’re not connected to the company bank account.
  2. Each card belongs to a person or team.
  3. You choose the limit.
  4. Approvals are built-in.
  5. Receipts are stored easily.

Borrow & Lending to Finance Receivables

Our peer-to-peer business lending allows your company to access loans for the expansion of your business, of your workforce or simply to purchase additional equipment or to lend to another business to do the same.

Why should you borrow or lend through us?

  1. As a borrower, the loans you receive are at competitive rates, where your borrowing capacity doubles with each time you meet the payment deadline for your loan, from this alternative option to traditional lenders.
  2. As a lender, you get the opportunity of passive income while supporting the growth, maintenance and development of other micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, where there is risk diversification.

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